Functional kebab solutions

Functional kebab solutions

The perfect choice

Essentia Protein Solutions Ltd are world leaders in meat technology applications, and in conjunction with A B TRADERS Ltd have developed a range of heat-stable functional products which are specifically designed and ideally suited to the doner kebab industry in response to very high market demand. The products EXEL PRO PLUS BE50 for use in kebabs containing beef and EXEL PRO PLUS YI50 for use in non-beef and Halal kebabs are easy to use and can be applied in various ways.
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As a loose gel, a firm set gel or in its original powder form

•    Improve structure, shape and position when cooking
•    Improve continuous slicing
•    Improves and firms overall texture
•    Helps reduce drip loss
•    Exceptional water and fat binding properties
•    Totally heat – stable
•    Simple to use in all machine production processes
•    Consistent product specification
•    Widely used within the doner kebab industry
•    Allergen and GMO - free
•    Produced in the UK in A grade BRC premises
•    Full technical onsite support given
•    Significant cost savings

Like to know more about these products?

Contact Tony Bissett at AB Traders Ltd
or Dave Martin at Essentia Protein Solutions Ltd 
0121 5214300 / 07802 200802
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For quality meats call Tony at AB Traders Ltd based in Sunderland today:
0191 340 2504
07834 061 691
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